Too Busy to Hate or Too Busy not to Hate?

The phrase “too busy growing to hate” is a popular phrase associated with Atlanta, Georgia due to the city being seen as a progressive center in the South, especially during the Civil Rights Era. According to one newspaper article from The Providence Journal uses this phrase and the reports briefly on Atlanta desegregating lunch counters. Despite some grumblings from the white citizens of Atlanta, the plan goes off well even if it involved students protesting since March of “last year” (the article in question does not reveal a date and is taken from a Scrap of Newspaper). Despite that phrase being associated with Atlanta, I would argue the North in the 1960’s is usually viewed the same way in the twenty-first century. As will be seen later in Rev. Crocker’s own writing he discusses problems being both in the North and the South. This means that racial segregation is not strictly a Southern problem but an American problem. This project is approaching Rev Crocker’s story as not just strictly as a Northerner taking a bus to the South, but as an American being arrested by other Americans.

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