Here you will find the Reverend Crocker Project, a project that aims to look at the Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights era, with a particular focus on the Reverend Crocker. The Civil Rights era of America was a period of massive social change in the United States, for both the North and the South, and deserves to be explored to its fullest extent. This project looks at the Freedom Rider movement, in particular Reverend Crocker’s own Freedom Ride, and how the immediate impact of participating in a freedom ride affected him. While everyone who participated in the Civil Right’s Movement deserve praise, especially leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., this project aims to focus on the Freedom Ride movement, and Reverend Crocker’s own freedom ride. All materials cited will be shown with PDF’s with some JPEGS as well. All materials unless otherwise noted came from the Keene State archives.

First Page: The Reverend Crocker Project